Refurbished and Remanufactured

Cars are made up of thousands of parts, and these parts also have a lifespan. For the majority of drivers, car accessories are no strangers. Due to different manufacturers, car accessories are divided into original parts, auxiliary parts, brand parts and some small factory parts. In addition to these classifications, there are actually two kinds of accessories, that is, refurbished parts and remanufactured parts.

What is the difference between refurbished and remanufactured?

Refurbished parts are actually not difficult to understand. Refurbished parts are accessories that are dismembered on some old cars or scrapped cars. Many of the refurbished parts are original parts, and the quality is relatively high, but these parts have been used on the original vehicle for a period of time, so the quality of the parts is difficult to guarantee. If you use this kind of accessories, it is entirely dependent on luck, because although some accessories have been used, they are still well maintained and the quality is guaranteed.
So what is a remanufactured? In fact, the remanufactured parts are more complicated than the refurbished parts. The refurbished parts are simply cleaned or polished, but the surface looks no different from the new parts. As the name implies, the so-called remanufactured parts are the professional transformation and repair of the used parts of the vehicle, and the parts after transformation and repair have the same specifications and quality as the new products.

Refurbished and Remanufactured Quality?

Refurbished and remanufactured parts are definitely not comparable to original parts, so who is better between refurbished and remanufactured parts? Refurbished parts are polished and cleaned to make them look brand new. Many parts on the car will wear out, and the wear and tear of accessories cannot be seen with the naked eye. Many of these refurbished parts are worn out. Therefore, the installation of this kind of accessories may be loose and not firm, or the sealing is not tight.
Remanufactured parts are repaired to the specifications and models of the original parts, that is to say, remanufactured parts are repaired according to the craftsmanship and standards of new parts, while refurbished parts have no standards. Therefore, the quality of the remanufactured parts is better than that of the remanufactured parts compared to the refurbished parts. Automobile engines, transmissions, steering gears, starters and generators are the most typical remanufactured parts.

The acceptance of this may not be too high in the Chinese people, but people from many countries prefer it. But in reality some parts on the vehicle are indeed remanufactured, and some replaced parts are also remanufactured. Of course, because Chinese people may have prejudice against this, even if it is remanufactured, no merchant will clearly tell you that this accessory is a remanufactured part, but if it is abroad, it will definitely tell you that this is a remanufactured part.

The remanufacturing cost is repaired according to the production standard of the original parts, so there is no need to worry about the quality of the remanufactured parts. At the same time, remanufacturing is also a way to recycle old parts and reduce energy consumption. In addition, the price of remanufacturing is also very cheap. Although the price of refurbished parts is also very cheap, the quality is greatly reduced.

Because some models are too old, the factory no longer produces related accessories, so at this time only refurbished or remanufactured parts can be used to make our old cars work again

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