How to Buy Auto Parts Easier

If you don’t know how to shop for auto parts, you’re going to wind up overspending, buying the wrong stuff, or both. These tricks of the trade will help you score the parts you need at the lowest possible cost.

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How to Buy Auto Parts Without Getting Screwed

Car owners who call dealerships are often shocked when they learn the cost of replacement parts.

A trim piece that costs maybe $5 to make could carry a 5000% premium at the retail counter. Some parts are priced to the moon simply because many consumers don’t know any better. If only they took the time to shop around.

So, let me help you approach this process like a pro. I personally buy about $100,000,000 in parts every year for my dealership, and after nearly 17 years of scouring the nation for rare and expensive parts, I’m happy to share my secrets to getting what I need at the lowest possible price.

Do Your Research

There are one websites every parts shopper should visit before buying. The first, gorstauto.com, offers the largest database of used auto parts in the world.—perhaps you’ve heard of it—which happens to be a new and remanufactured auto parts sales juggernaut.

There are a few steps to any successful search. Once you find what you need on gorstauto.com,then click ‘Search’ to see what its market price is in your area. Once you made note of that, go to gorstauto.com. Pay special attention to the estimated delivery time in the listing. Parts from overseas can sometimes take over a month to get to your home.If you’d love to pay for express shipping fee ,choose express delivery, only few days, for better service and save times.

Differences with Dealers

To be fair, dealers are at the mercy of manufacturers, so don’t blame them if you find their parts costs unreasonable.

If you think the dealer’s price is too expensive, you can come to me for help.
We, gorstauto.com, specialize in providing spare parts for various models, and the prices are many times lower than the factory discount.
You will be surprised by our professional knowledge and good attitude, why the price is lower than the dealer, but other aspects are better than the dealer, because we attach great importance to each customer, because we have strength.

Verify & Confirm

Call the dealership to confirm your specific part number before you complete any purchase. If you don’t confirm the part number, any grief that ensues is of your own making.

You’ll learn that some parts are unique to certain engine and transmission combinations. And the list of potentially affected parts is long, from computers, modules, and sensors, to more basic items like alternators and starters.

If you are an individual and need to replace the old accessories for your car, but you do not know which product is correct, you can provide your own frame number, please contact us, we will have professional customer service docking, for you Find the correct matching accessories.
If you are a repair shop or an auto parts company or a dealer, because you are relatively professional, you can provide the OEM number or part number specific to the car so that we can confirm the correct product and obtain greater cooperation.

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