Changes in the consumption pattern of accessories

There have been some changes in the pattern of accessories consumption in recent years:

l) Auxiliary assembly replacement parts increased. Auxiliary assemblies that are often replaced during maintenance include distributors, air compressors, generators, starters, water pumps, gasoline pumps, brake shoes, clutch friction plates, etc. In case of failure of the auxiliary assembly, most of the users require to replace the new assembly, and the old parts are replaced and used as spare parts after maintenance. Correspondingly, the consumption of spare parts that make up these auxiliary assemblies is drastically reduced.

2) Extensive use of assemblies and kits. For example, pistons with rings and pins, pistons with rings and pins and connecting rods, which are finished to all levels of repair dimensions, and crankshaft bearing bushes that are installed and used, are more and more favored by users and repairmen. The corresponding single-piece or unprocessed varieties of this type are given the cold shoulder.

3) Seals that must be replaced during vehicle maintenance, such as the clutch, brake master cylinder and brake cylinder cup, apron, oil seal, and gaskets such as cylinder gasket and oil pan gasket. Various repair kits, which are generally packaged in a centralized manner, are especially popular with users and repairmen.

4) Lubricants (grease) and special fluids packaged in small-sized containers are especially suitable for single vehicles because of their advantages of being easy to carry and refill and less wasteful. With the increase of personal vehicles, their sales volume has gradually increased. Even if the price of the above products is a little higher, users are willing to buy them.

Reasons for the above changes

1) Update of the user’s time concept. In the fierce market competition, the concept of time is benefit and time is money is firmly rooted in people’s minds. In order to gain time, users request to shorten the repair days as much as possible and maximize the utilization rate of vehicles in use. In order to meet user requirements, maintenance manufacturers also try their best to raise the above accessories.

2) With the development of the automobile industry and parts manufacturing industry, as well as the high standards of modern automobiles for maintenance quality, maintenance parts are required to have the characteristics of precise coordination, convenient use and maintenance, reasonable matching and high reliability. These characteristics are most obvious in the supply of accessories.


According to the law of accessories consumption, take active measures to reasonably adjust the inventory structure to meet the market demand, this is the main problem that the accessories sales department should study and solve.

Measures to adapt to changes in the consumption pattern of auto parts

l) Seriously study the changes in the consumption law of auto repair parts, and organize the supply market of marketable varieties in a timely manner. No longer organize unsalable varieties in batches to prevent new backlogs.

2) Try to use the spare parts in stock to assemble them into small assemblies of qualified quality to supply the market.

3) The factory is entrusted to combine single-piece processing into matching parts or assemblies with precise dimensions to supply the market.

4) The scattered seals are classified into repair kits for supply to the market, such as master cylinder, sub-pump repair kit, engine repair kit, etc.

5) Supply the market with lubricating oil (grease) and special fluid that must be replaced for vehicle maintenance in containers according to vehicle specifications.

The automotive market is changing too fast, and product updates and iterations are getting faster and faster. This is a challenge and an opportunity.

Only by grasping the consumption law of auto parts can we win a place in the future auto parts market.